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Mar. 11th, 2010

(no subject)

Just like duckierose , I haven't been able to sleep through the nights either. Falling asleep is easy. Staying asleep is the issue. I've been trying to exhaust myself by working out very hard around 6pm. But this only helps the said falling asleep part. I usually wake around 3:30 to 4:30 and returning to sleep is a miserable combination of lengths of half-asleep and bursts of fast asleep. I mostly toss and turn the last few hours trying to find the right spot. 

I'm not interested in seeing doctors or stupidly taking sleeping pills. I have enough pot to knock out a moose, so I might try that. But I know the problem. I know what's keeping me up and I discussed that with lumpyhead  this morning. I often take in things (feelings, emotions) irrationally and then don't let them out properly. It's not her fault she's not there to talk about things until like 11pm at night after I'm sound asleep. Working out only relieves the impending panic attacks, but communicating actually solves the entire problem. (I'm being vague about the problem because it's just too personal.)

I'll continue to work out like there's no tomorrow and continue to find the right solution on my own. My biometric stats are normal and eating very well. Little caffeine (mostly chai tea). No alcohol during the week. I'm running/sprinting a couple miles a night. Lost about 4 pounds to 161lb. Most doctors will say I'm doing the right things. I just need to get my head straight. Stupid brain.

Mar. 3rd, 2010


I particularly love a trainer that is involved with you as opposed to one who just tells you what to do. When I hit the gym here at work, I see trainers all the time not even looking at the person they're training while they're doing the exercise. I basically think that is borderline stealing. You're paid to pay attention to the customer, not stare at big jugs at the squat rack.

Last night, we had a great trainer at Pulse. She was feisty and constantly monitored our speed on the treadmill, shouting out the number to the rest of the class. If she caught you stalling, she asked if you were okay and then gave you a tap on the back in the right direction. Now, I don't like being called a "pussy", but when a female trainer calls a female in the class a "pussy" for not using weight, I find that to be pretty cool. She had a very Jillian Michaels vibe, which I respect in a trainer. One that will get in your face and make you do more.   

All in all, it was a killer workout and, thankfully, I didn't pussy-out. 

On to day three at Pulse. Probably do a Crossfit WOD on Thursday. Friday will be tough to workout due to recording GOLD's DVD commentary that night. 

Feb. 16th, 2010

Sunday...errr, Monday.

Breakfast at Jack 'n Jill's in Beverly Hills. I had a frittata while lumpyhead had some banana, strawberry, blueberry yogurt crepes. Pretty good stuff. Then we headed down Manhattan Beach way to attend our first session of rock wall climbing at Hanger 18. Great fun, very tiring when your fingers and forearms aren't used to it. Marla turned out to be much better at it than I was. 

Then, some hot Lenscrafters action. I can finally see again!

Next stop, Roxorville to take photos for their STD card for their upcoming wedding. A few hundred pics later, it was sushi time. And then PIE. It was there Or, with calorie breakdown in hand, crushed my pecan pie loving days when he informed me that 1 freakin' slice of pecan pie was 920 calories. F me. I love pecan pie, but if I ate a whole pie, that's probably around 7,400 calories. I should have stayed in the dark about that cold reality. 

Later I squeaked in a winning round of Carcossonne, just barely beating Or. Seems my strategy of completing a # of small towns and then places dudes in fields worked. 

Finally, at the end of the night after Marla had gone to bed, I fixed the opening titles and created music tracks for the pilot to "Alice & The Monster". It's so close to being done. I'm very excited as it has the chance of being in the hands of NBC and CBS by the end of the week. 

Feb. 12th, 2010

The more I do this, the more it doesn't make any sense to do this.

I can see why people get jaded in Hwood. It's like Las Vegas, but you're betting your talent, pride and ego. The house always wins and the odds are 99.9% not in your favor. You wonder, all in the same moment, "Should I continue to do this anymore?" and "Oh, what the hell, one more shot." You can honestly not remember whether your coming or going, whether you've won or lost or whether the move you made will lead to your eventual success or downfall. Plus, you're playing at a table that can accommodate millions.

I'm not jaded yet. I don't think I'll ever be. Possibly disappointed. Disappointed with the process, the people and the grind of constantly proving yourself. "What? This isn't as brilliant as your last thing? Next!"

The good thing is that I haven't really made any more at it, so I can't really count my losses. My wife can accurately decide, "Is this worth it?" I, on the other hand, can't. That could be a good thing. No loss, no gain. My Hollywood experience could be a zero sum game...in the terms of money.

In the terms of people and relationships...I've discovered a goldmine. I've managed to surround myself with talented individuals. All brilliant in their own way and I'd like to think that, in the end, what I can take away from this experience is more "worth it" than anything I could have done at a professional level.

So, I think I'll stick around at this casino. I'll throw my hand in for another round. Maybe I'll get lucky this time? Maybe not? At least I'm playing with friends.

Feb. 11th, 2010

Old Man Andrew

Missed an a meeting with my agent and writing partner yesterday. Completely and utterly spaced it. Like, if you were to talk to me on Tuesday and say, "You going to that meeting with your agent and writing partner?", I would have responded, "What meeting?"

But if you were to look at my email, I would have totally fooled you into thinking that I would have never forgotten it. "I'll be there!", "No problem with 4 o'clock." Etc. Etc. The problem is that if I don't write it down immediately in my calendar, I'll forget it unless reminded. Even then, if I don't have the calendar alerts on, I'll forget to look at my calendar.

If I was younger, I would chalk it up to just being forgetful. As I grow older and my hypochondria expands to almost galactic levels, I go to "early stage of Alzheimer's" type thoughts. Daynightmares of Marla looking at me when I'm 75, talking to me like a 5 year old,:

"Do you remember your brother, Michael? Mich-ael? Do you remember him?" and me with this look upon my face like she's talking gibberish.

She'll turn away and whisper, "He doesn't remember. He's just having a bad day, he'll remember soon."

All from missing one meeting. Welcome to my brain.


Last night's dream was me in a hotel room getting a phone call. I pick up the phone on the other side is a woman breathing heavily into the receiver. I entertain the stranger for a few moments and then I wake up...only to find my wife actually heavily breathing, still asleep, in my ear. I don't think it means anything other than my mind trying to make something out of the fact that my wife was asleep right next to my ear. It still took me a few seconds to connect the dots after waking up.

Feb. 1st, 2010

The point of having children

I make no secret of my viewpoint of having children in this day and age: It's purely selfish. Yes, you are selfish if you have a child in this day and age. Is that a bad term? Not really. But please don't make it out to be anything other than that. You're not saving the human race by having children.

More jerky opinion here!Collapse )

Jan. 25th, 2010

To Comic-Con or not to Comic-Con

pretty marla rises to the top of the convention center
Well, the answer this year is Not to Comic-Con.

We've gone for the past few years and seemed to mind the crowds and the lines and the crowds but putting aside all of the grievances for the chance at free stuff and seeing some of our favorite TV/movie stars sit and answer inane questions from cooky fans. But SDCC has become a chore the past two years. Mostly, for us it's the goddamn crowds. A large conglomeration of wandering aimless nerds who claw and fight their way through a line for a free bag, stand in lines for hours to see one of their favorite stars turn out to be a cool, talkative panel participant or a pompous jerkoff or hopefully trying to get a glimpse of this summer's movie season. Some of which can be cool. We got to see the "V" pilot before most of the country...yay for us.

marla sleeps
We tend to be so exhausted that by the end of the day we just want to fall asleep in our hotel room and not hit the party scene. We don't know enough about comic artists to really latch onto that part of the Con. Oh, the lonely artists at the back of the conference hall almost begging to be acknowledged selling Supermans and Batmans for $20/pop. Ironically, they were what this was originally about. You see, Comic-Con has lost it's soul and forgotten what and why it's there. Now it's just WhoringItOut-Con. Whatever the studios can whore out to the masses, they will. And the masses eat it up, wait in line for it and dress like it at the next Con. (Oh, those poor blue bastards who will be Na'vi next year, sweat ruining their blue makeup)

Are we grizzled old people that can't take the crowds? Maybe. They do get to us. Just the outrageous ebb and flow of Twilights, Stormtroopers and Leias, can lull you into a conscious deep sleep. Table after table of the same shit for sale at sometimes ridiculous prices. We want a bunch of it and then we think, "Where the hell are we going to put a lifesize Lego Batman?" I bought a bunch of artwork one year and half of it is still rolled up somewhere. Maybe we're just bad nerds. Maybe we "just don't get it". I don't know. All I know is that we're excited to get there every year and just excited to leave every year. So when the opportunity to get passes early this year, we passed. Just too much of a hassle and we're in the frame of mind this year of "been there, done that."

Can you take the hits? Can you?Now, are we completely Conned out? Absolutely not. We're very much considering going to Wonder-Con on April 2-4 in San Fran because A.) It's about a fraction of the size of SDCC at about 15,000 - 20,000 people B.) It has a lot of the same panels, plus, a lot of interesting ones that you won't see at SDCC, plus, you can just walk right into them...no waiting C.) If the Con is boring, we hit San Fran which is full of awesome sight seeing, restaurants, nightclubs etc. all within walking distance or a short train ride and have nothing to do with the Con. Just another weekend night in the city.  We actually look forward to these trips. We stay at the same hotel every year and all n' all it's a nice trip. A real life detox into nerdville.

So, we won't be seeing you at SDCC this year. Have fun. Wait in line for us and grab those bags for us so we can say that we were there without actually having to be there. I don't think anyone will know the difference.

Jan. 20th, 2010

(no subject)

Aaah, I just figured out how to leave a community. My friends page is so much more peaceful now that "married_life" is off of it. No more people complaining about how much they hate their Sig Other, don't want to be married anymore, have some secret other life, haven't had sex in months with their partner and a billion other things I can't relate to within my marriage. Not saying it's perfect, but we just don't have some of the major upheavals that other couple seem to have. Left me to think most people take more time in buying a new car than finding a life partner.

Jan. 19th, 2010

Crazy FB friends

Growing up in Arkansas has allowed me access to a whole group of crazy, christian FB friends. Here's an example of said access:
Hosted by imgur.com

So, from this, you should be expected to speak English if you're an American and remember that only two kinds of people have died for your freedom... a scary, ancient zombie and the poor. Got that? No other kind of person has ever died for American freedom. NO ONE! No independent contractors or average citizens. I guess reason & logic don't matter when your cat is your profile pic.

Jan. 13th, 2010

Editing changes everything

So we're producing another webseries (if you haven't seen the first one go to: GOLD: The Series and check it out) and the biggest difference between the last one and this one is that I wrote, produced and directed this one. On GOLD, most of the deity-type decision making went to David. All that responsibility relies with me. Now, I would like to think of myself as a person that can take on that kind of authority but I find myself hesitating at times. Once that hesitation is gone, I'm fine. When we get rough cuts, I want to give immediate notes, I do. But I find myself waiting a few hours or overnight to give them because I just don't want to see what I've done. It's weird, I know. Some people work so hard to write something, edit it, show it to friends, do a reading, edit some more, schedule production days, hold auditions, cast people, actually shoot the thing and then...well, then editing is actually the hard part for me.

Luckily someone else is doing it. Luckily it's not all on me. Luckily the editor isn't a moron but is actually quite smart about his edits and his desire is to make it good, not just do as I say. And I think that's my perfect eye of the storm. I like being in charge of a production, I just don't like having to tell everyone what to do all the time. I want them to be professional and take on their responsibility themselves. That's what I expect. Do I get that all the time...no, of course not. The world is full of dipshits. But I think I have a pretty good dipshit barometer.

We're on our 2nd rough cut now and it's really coming together. At first, I thought I completely failed. I produced something horrible and, of course, my brain can't not think about the production I did in Seattle titled, "Runner". That was a nightmare on top of a burrito of fail. Those thoughts are irrational. They make no sense now. I've managed to surround myself with good people. Great people, in fact. So the feelings of horribleness subsided when I saw the 2nd cut and started to absorb what we've done and that this is a part of the process. It's called a rough cut for a reason. It's choppy and eventually will be just a shell of what we actually end up with. I just need to get over that hump of my obsession with failure. 

Nov. 17th, 2009

Sad Panda

Just learned today that lumpyhead will be working all day/night on Saturday. Sure, she'll get time and half or something, but this sucks. We barely get any time together during the week and now we'll only get one day together this weekend.

If you have a sig other that comes home from work relatively close to yours or if they come home at pretty much the same time every night, consider yourself lucky and hug/kiss that person tonight.

Oct. 28th, 2009

The Return of Angry Andrew

So, the doctor guessed at the swine flu diagnosis and didn't actually test for it. Frankly, I don't know why people freak out when you say that you had swine flu other than it sounds terrible. I'm actually glad he didn't test for it because it wouldn't have been covered by my insurance anyway. In fact, the totally 100% standard blood test wasn't covered by my insurance either. So glad I have insurance to not cover simple shit. They're a big company and they don't have time to deal with my bullshit, right? I'll just give them $1800 a year, my company can give them another $4000 a year in premiums and they get to tell me to fuck myself. I think I'm going to start a service that required you to pay me about $2500 a year. You call me up and say, "Hey, I need about $150 of that $2500 to pay for this test, could I get that transferred to my account?" and tell you, "No, go fuck yourself." And then you go out and protest reforming my system, saying that government intervention in my system will "halt progress", or stifle competition in the "go fuck yourself" market or could cost you more money in the long run for me to tell you to go fuck yourself. Soon, I have enough money to run ads that say, "The government wants to get between you and the company that tells you to "go fuck yourself". Who are you going to listen to? The Government? Or...hey,...by the way, go fuck yourself. - Paid for by Go Fuck Yourself." Then, you're so scared and hypnotized by my ads and media blitz, you don't know where to go anymore. Then you get sick. You need that test, but who's there for you? Your doctor? Nope. Your family? Nope. That's right, it's me....now lean in real close....closer....closer..........even closer......shhhhh......quiet.....almost there....."go fuck yourself".

You drop into a deep, deadful sleep, ripe with infection, your "go fuck yourself" card in your hand drops like a dead leaf to the floor. But hey, you died an American. Supporting capitalism at it's finest. You showed those socialist hell-holes what it really means to die like a patriot. I'm sure they'll learn the error of their ways. Because they don't have a person to tell them to go fuck themselves when it comes to medical costs. See, they're missing out! Christ on a cracker, those people don't even know what a co-pay is? Imagine that, not partially paying for your medical costs? Oh, the humanity! Oh, dear lord, imagine the pain they must feel when they go to the doctor's office with confidence and security that they're entire life savings won't go to Cigna or Blue Cross in case they need major hospitalization. The Mexicans that I saw in the ER getting their kids a simple checkup must feel such joy as they scrap together every last cent to pay the cash price (as opposed to the billed later price of 4X the cash price). As they hand over that last dollar, the sheer American pride must wash over them like Uncle Sam and an American Eagle were double penetrating their orifices.

But, I'm naive. I'm misinformed. I'm just spouting liberal talking points and not talking any real world statics or...you know what, go fuck yourself. All I know is that fucking Blue Cross won't even pay for a fucking FRACTION of a simple blood test. Christ, getting my blood type isn't covered! Luckily my deductible FOR MY BODY is $250. I can afford that. But my car insurance covers more things on my car than my health insurance does on my body. No one finds that odd? I sure as fuck do.

Oh, and all of you people, of the remaining two that read my LJ, that believe that people should go to the ER for common everyday GP or Famliy Practice shit....go fuck yourself. The ER is equipped and built for.....wait for it....EMERGEN-FUCKING-CIES!! Luckily, what my wife had, was a kind of emergency. They were equipped for that. They knew what to do. But there were too many people in there for colds, flu and checkups. The lobby was filled with babies and children there for their routine physicals. It was 9:30 at night! I could count that actual emergencies on three fingers and the place was packed.

The best part was when they had someone come in to discuss payment options. When the word "options" follows "payment", it's gonna be expensive. My wife's procedure was slotted into the middle of five possible categories of payment. That cost us $667 for what they did. The nurses then spent the next half hour finding out ways to hack the system to our advantage. Let me repeat: part of a nurses' job now is informing a patient on ways to hack the system to the patients' advantage. That's fucked up. They should be, I don't know, out NURSING SHIT. But the system is so twisted to favor the insurance companies, they have to do this for what they determined as poor people without insurance. Yep, Marla didn't have insurance and she wasn't on mine (for other awesome ass-raping reasons), so they thought we were poor. So they gave us a list of free clinics for her next round of tests because if we did it there, it would be $450. Other places, $25. Also, they asked if we had an IV, we said no, they gave us water. "Oh thank God." the nurse said. "Why?" we asked with foreboding. "Because that would have been another $500." I wanted to punch something or someone. That's right. A bag of sterilized salt water would have cost $500. But, Andrew, IV's are an expensive process to generate....ah, go fuck yourself. That's a week's worth of pay for some people out there and it shouldn't cost them $500. It shouldn't.

All in all, my wife is fine. The people there did their jobs. They did them happily. They made us feel good about the decisions they were making. The only thing we felt was disdain for the insurance industry for fucking up a system filled with kind people trying to be kind to other people. Inserting profit into care is evil. It's fucking evil. If you defend it, go fuck yourself. If you want this system to continue and if you have the retarded thought that it will self-correct, go fuck yourself. If you think what I said is all bullshit, then you get that call that your wife is going to the ER, you make that drive, wondering if she's okay. You enter that room and see the machines and the tubes. You push her wheelchair. Wait with her for six hours, hold her hand and tell her everything is going to be okay. Do that and then have someone come in ask, "How would like to pay for this?" If you think that the way we should run healthcare, you're a cold, shameful person who deserves the experience you defend. Enjoy the bills. Enjoy the collection calls. Enjoy being "un-insurable" for life. Enjoy it and then go fuck yourself.

Oct. 22nd, 2009


Definitely needed that 10 minute nap. I love the "quiet room" at work. Thank you Mr. Sandman for your rejuvenating powers.

May. 8th, 2009

Clean living?

Day 4 of eating clean...as much as possible. Raw veggies, salads, proteins, small amounts of whole grains, a few complex carbs like sweet potatoes. We've seriously reduced the amount of dairy in our diet as well. I weighed 163.7 on Tuesday. Weighed in at 161.2 on Thursday. That's probably mostly latte and bread weight. We're going to try to do this as much as possible over the next 30 days to see how it changes our body. Workouts can be up to twice a day with weights in the morning and a mid-afternoon cardio. I'm usually spent by the end of the day.

Things I already miss:
  • Whole milk lattes
  • French bread
  • The occassion cookie or sweet
  • Hamburgers
Went to CheeseCake Factory last night with Duckie and Or and Or was extremely supportive by eating a butter sandwich before the meal and then getting the Chicken Piccata complete with Lemon Butter sauce and a pile of parm cheese on top. Marla, Duckie and I all had salads of some type. Had about 1/4 of my non-fat vanilla latte before it became undrinkable. Just didn't taste right.

But, other than missing certain foods, we're doing okay. Its not a crazy change and if you eat every three hours or so, you don't notice that you're missing food. You cheat when you starve yourself.

Oh, and beer, I miss a glass of beer!!

Apr. 14th, 2009

Changes due to the taxman cometh

If you read lumpyhead then you know we've been destroyed by taxes this year. Literally, what would have been a downpayment on a $350,000 house is now Uncle Sam's and Mother CA's. We blame ourselves for not being stupidly frugal with every last living cent and living our life, visiting friends, buying stuff and having fun. But, alas, those wild and wooly bully days are behind us. The IRS has taught us a valuable lesson: "Quit having fun, stupid Americans!" So, we are.

Anything that is not absolutely needed to survive (for my home business as well) has been cut. Any monthly memberships to anything has been cut. No gyms, no more water deliveries, no YMCA, no Netflix, no nothing. We'll be keeping the AT&T Uverse account, but I'll cut the TV part down to nothing and keep the fiber optic internet because I use that for my freelance work.

Next up is the W4s. I'll go from claiming 3 to 1 and Marla will go from 4 to 1. <--- This was probably our biggest mistake. Lesson learned. We'll pay more taxes during the year as opposed to getting assraped on Tax Day. We were slightly prepared, but not for this large of a hit.

I enrolled in my company's 401k, even though %'s are shit, 10% of my gross income will go to the pre-tax shelter.

For the first times in our lives, we'll be on a payment plan for our taxes. We should be able to fix this by draining all our savings and then making payments over the next six months. Just in time to save for next year's tax raping. 

Mar and I will be living lean from now on. Goodbye big backyard parties, you'll be missed. Blame our greedy uncle.

Apr. 8th, 2009

Gaming soon

Now that "Gold" has finished filming and we're well into our post-production process with Episode 5 & 6 well along into their rough cuts, its time to game for real. Its been years since I've touched a die in order to actually play. I have absolutely no clue about character creation or anything, I game just to hang with friends for a few hours and remind myself what constructed my childhood imagination. It'll be D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder BETA game (I have some rule sets to read up on.) about once a month. I'm looking forward to it.

My email bounce with the DM:

Me: I'm in. Sundays are always better days for me. My half-elk half-awesome robot will totally kick ass!
DM: Just for clarity, my campaign will not allow half-elks. Sorry, Andrew. That shit is just wrong.
Me: Race Traitor.

I find nothing wrong with half-elks, personally.


Apr. 3rd, 2009

I'm a jerk, so what.

Went to go pick up the iMac from the Apple store at lunch. I'm clearly in a hurry, carrying a giant iMac box when a woman in a group of other women notices me as I'm passing them and says, "What's wrong with it?"


"What's wrong with it?"

"Its fucking broken."

As I walk away, I hear, "That was rude."

Yes, that was rude, you nosy chick. Do you ask every single random person carrying a box with a picture of an item on it, "What's wrong with it?" Could be nothing wrong. I could be carrying not a computer in the computer box. I could be carrying pies or chickens or chicken pies in it. What the f business is it of yours? How about I ask you what's in your purse? Huh? You don't want to show what's in your purse? Why? Is that an invasion of your privacy or just plain stupidly weird to ask people what's wrong with the thing in the box that might or might not be there, not knowing anything about the situation or who I am?

I kept walking, gleeful in my jerkiness.

All "GOLD, the Series" episodes....so far

Its all here after the cut...Collapse )

Nov. 22nd, 2008

Little Big Planet

LBP is good.
LBP is ever better with soup, chocolate and good friends. We were up until 2:30. It was awesome.

Now, my brain is awake at 9 am. I have a cat sleeping on me and a few hours of freelance work ahead of me. Ah, Saturday morning.

Nov. 21st, 2008

First Episode of "Gold" hits

GOLD: Prologue (SD) from David Nett on Vimeo.

GOLD: Prologue - Dark Clouds Gather

Two years prior to the rest of the series, the Silver-medal winning American Goblins & Gold team (and friends) gather for an all-night gaming session in celebration of team captain Jonathan's upcoming wedding. When star player Richard senses that Jon's loyalties are divided between the Game and his soon-to-be bride, he forces a confrontation.

written by: Andrew R. Deutsch & David Nett
directed by: Andrew R. Deutsch
cinematography by: Nolan Wang
edited by: Alex Lamb
featuring: Robert John Brewer, James Paul Xavier, Nathan Mobley, Rick Robinson, David Nett, Gary Karp
production staff & crew: Travis Andersen, Jacob Carver, Marla Deutsch, Kyle Dickinson, Sasha Harris, Shannon Nelson, Patty Ramsey, Chad Schnaible, Max Well, James Paul Xavier

Nov. 17th, 2008


To honor the show that "let go" my wife this year, here are some of CSI:NY's worst lines:
  • "Movie and a murder, hell of a double feature." 
  •  "You luge, you lose."
  •  "Welcome to the home of the free and the land of the depraved." 
  • "When mind, body and spirit come together, anything is possible. Even murder!" 
  • "College tuition: $40,000. Room and Board: $10,000. Puking and passing out on your parents' dime: Priceless."
  • "She was stabbed with an icicle?" That's cold." 
  • "Unless someone RSVP'd as murderer, how do we know who's important?"
  •  "I've slept with a lot of women. Some wild, some crazy. Some both." 
  •  "I love the smell of cover-up in the afternoon. Don't you?" 
  • "Yeah, traffic was murder." 
  • "Two dead doves, one dead bride.Looks like foul play to me."
  • "Those are no canine's canines."
  • "Post-mortem bites on the face and arms were the appetizers. The gunshot wound was the main course.
Still a top show, but at times, horribly written. I hope their new 2nd 2nd sucks as much as these lines. 

Nov. 11th, 2008


Respect carries you far in pretty much every industry aside from politics and even then it can carry you far. The argument of respect has been argued on both sides of the issue on Prop 8. Those opposed want the government to respect their rights as citizens of California and allow them the optional right of marriage. An option that straights have and want respected on the Yes side of the issue. They want marriage to be respected and solidified between a man and woman.

It comes down to the basic idea of respect on both sides of the issue.

But here's where Yes breaks down, again, for me. They have no concept of respect. To be precise, they have no respect for children. Ironic, right? Being that one of the cornerstones of their campaign was to protect children from being mandated to be exposed to gay marriage. They just forgot to extend their protection of children from their own marketing. In late October, parents of children featured in ads in support of Yes on 8 showed imagery of children. Imagery filmed during a field trip
organized by parents of 18 first-graders at a public charter school in
San Francisco. A field trip that every parent had to sign permission slips and could opt out of. The parents of those children balked and wanted their imagery removed from the ads because the parents did not give consent. Turns out, when it comes to political ads, you don't need the parents consent to show imagery of children. They tried to appeal to the Legislature, but that will prove too little too late. So, the parents did the only thing they could and appeal to Frank Schubert, the campaign manager of Yes on 8, to remove their kids from those lie-filled ads.

"I want to ask him how he would feel if his children were manipulated like this." She [the parent] wanted to appeal to him as a moral human being. "This is our last hope,"

But Schubert wouldn't talk to them. In fact, Schubert called security and had them escorted from the building.

The attorney for Schubert and Yes on 8 responded with a letter taking no responsibility for use of the footage, in turn, placing the blame on the parents for allowing their children to be filmed in the first place and being used as "props" in the debate. The letter also called the marriage a "staged publicity stunt".

See, he didn't have to use the imagery of the children, he chose to. He chose to continue using them without paying them a cent. He chose to use those children as pawns. He chose the low road.

So, if you support Yes on 8, this is your man. This is your leader. Your beacon. Bask in his glow. But be assured of one thing, this man lacks respect. For anyone. He has shown himself to be a vile coward and a nightmare of human being. "Oh, Andrew, don't name call, that won't get you anywhere." If it was your kid, you'd do much worse. If it was my kid or a friend of mine's kid, there wouldn't be any sum too high for me to spend taking Frank Schubert to court. I would do everything in my power to lobby for the same kind of simple rules my wife has to abide to when they have children on set, that every political ad, regardless of content, has to adhere to: a basic form of legality when using talent. Because if you don't, this is what you get. Adults using children, against their will, for their own subhuman purposes.

So, from this point on, if you supported Yes on 8 and don't denounce the despicable actions of your famed leader, I have no respect for you. None. Don't come to my house, don't be anywhere near me. Because you're a hypocrite. You're a liar and you're disrespectful to your fellow human being.

My zip code is a red state

Contributions in opposition or support of Prop 8 in my neighborhood of 91506 (Burbank):

Opposed: $2,850

Supporting: $8,346

On the whole, anti-gay individuals out-donated pro-gay individuals 4 times as much in my neighborhood. My fear is that even if Prop 8 is rejected, we'll have to continue voting on this every single election as anti-gay groups and individuals will pour thousands and thousands of money into revoking someone's right to show the world they love someone else. Even in this downturn economy, those people will find the cash to support hate, ignorance and exclusion.

Nov. 7th, 2008

I hate to say it...

But I was right about this "ban" on gay marriage and how it would hurt the wedding community economically.

NYTimes article link

With a California budget deficit over $10 billion and a looming 1.5% sales tax increase, the religious right, conservatives and a majority of the California population basically told hundreds of small businesses that their bottom line didn't matter or the people they employ didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was saving marriage from the boogieman.

No child's mind was confused or destroyed in the last few months. No marriages were destroyed in the last few months. Gay marriage wasn't dictatorially taught in schools in the last few months. In fact, not one person who voted for Prop 8 was negatively affected by gay marriage. Not one. (if you can prove to me without a shadow of a doubt that gay marriage destroyed your marriage, I will apologize) Yet, through their fear and lies, they did manage to crush something other than gay's right to marry...they crushed a major California infrastructure. And to that, I say congratulations to all of you "Yes on Prop 8" voters. A quote from Frank Schubert, the campaign manager for Protect Marriage:

“I can’t imagine that returning to the history of 4,000 years before that is going to cause an economic upheaval.”

Smart. Yes, returning CA to ancient ideals where salt & bulls were a fucking commodity wouldn't affect a world living in the year 2008. Good thinking. A perfect backbone to a successful campaign of backwards thinking and scare tactics. But remember, in his timeline, people rode down the aisle on dinosaurs.

Way to go, Yes voters, on not seeing the long term effect that this amendment would have on our state and basically stealing $64 million in tax revenue. You've slowed economic progress, tourism and even church revenues. Fantastic. Way to go. Good job. You really came together and managed to actually fuck up straight people's hopes and dreams as well.

Nov. 6th, 2008

Christman List from my niece McKinlee


Itunes,old navy, target, pac sun, apple, PB teen(MY FAVORITE) , or sport authority gift cards.

I like clothes, jewlary, hair stuff, art things, and things for my room. The main colors in my room(s) are

Dad’s-blue,green, and pink
Mom’s- pink and black

I really don’t care what I get because Christmas is really about Jesus’ birth, not getting presents.

(I'm going to bet that presents will be greatly welcomed, but this is cute nonetheless)

Nov. 5th, 2008

Job Posting

I'm sent job posting everyday and they all have a salary range. The most recent being 40k to 70k. Anyone want the 40k as opposed to 70k?

Environment or Upbringing?

Marla comes from a divorced household with multiple marriages contributing several step-mothers to her situation. She's never been to therapy, never taken a anti-depressant, hardly experimented with drugs, is independent, healthy and with the best of her ability is making sure that her first marriage would be her last.

Andrew comes from married parents, "traditional marriage". Andrew went to years of therapy with co-dependency issues, taken anti-depressants, experimented heavily with drugs and alcohol, drifted through his twenties trying to find an identity, feared commitment, healthy, independent and with the best of his ability is making sure that his first marriage would be his last.

Now, the Yes on Prop 8 people would like you believe that my situation would have been the best situation for a child to grow up into.

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Nov. 3rd, 2008

chain letter

My niece sent out her first email chain letter. How precious. She's all grownz up.

Walking to the polls

Luckily, tomorrow, I can either ride my bike or walk to the polls. Hopefully, due to it being a residential area that the lines aren't too long. Doesn't matter, though, as I would wait all day and night to vote in this election.

The breakdown:


Prop 1A: Yes
Prop 2: Yes
Prop 3: Yes
Prop 4: No
Prop 5: Yes
Prop 6: No
Prop 7: Yes
Prop 8: No!
Prop 9: Yes
Prop 10: Undecided
Prop 11: No
Prop 12: No

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